24 Hours of DINO

September 10-11, 2016

Update 9/8/16: Weather forecast has some rain but we will hold the event regardless... we have an alternate route that may be used if necessary to avoid trail damage if it does get saturated.

  • 24 hour Solo or Team Endurance Mountain Bike Event
  • Versailles State Park
  • Also includes 12-hour and 6-hour divisions
  • NEW half-marathon trail run Saturday morning! Bring your running spouse / friend etc.!
  • NEW less expensive: no need to be a member of USA Cycling or pay the one-day permit.

Registration: Online registration has closed. Register at the race site Friday 6-8 pm or Saturday 10 am to noon.

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Saturday, Sept 10-11, 2016
Versailles, Indiana - Versailles State Park

24 HOURS? Your team (up to six riders) takes turns in this relay race, perhaps covering as much as 300 miles on the fantastic Versailles State Park trail system! Or, take a serious challenge and go 24-hour solo. Various divisions are listed below. In addition to the 24-hour divisions, 12-hour team and solo as well as a 6-hour solo category is available.

24 Hours of DINO is much more than a race! Through the duration of the event you will dig deep within yourself. You will feel the anticipation at start time. You will experience the drama playing out in the final minutes with a time-cutoff finish. You'll experience the challenge of night riding. You'll sense the renewed energy of a sunrise lap. You will make friendships and memories that will last!



  • 24/1MA solo man 
  • 24/1WM solo woman 


  • 24/2MA two males 
  • 24/2CO one male and one female 
  • 24/2WM two women 
  • 24/4MA three or four males 
  • 24/4WM three or four women 
  • 24/4CO three or four riders, co-ed, minimum one woman 
  • 24/6 open to any mix of five or six riders
  • 24/BG two to six riders, no riders above Beginner category 
  • 24/SS any number riders, all single-speed bikes (soloists welcome)


  • 12/1MA solo man 
  • 12/1WM solo woman 


  • 12/2MA two males 
  • 12/2CO one male and one female 
  • 12/2WM two women 
  • 12/4MA three or four males 
  • 12/4WM three or four women 
  • 12/4CO three or four riders, co-ed, minimum one woman 
  • 12/4BG three or four riders, no riders above Beginner category 


  • 6/1MA man 
  • 6/1WM woman 

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS (Eastern Daylight Time):

Friday, Sept 9
Check-In & Registration

Saturday, Sept 10

12:00 NOON
12:00 MID

Check-In & Registration
Rider Meeting
Final Staging
START of ALL Divisions
24 Minutes of DINO (Kids relay)
Lights Recommended
FINISH Cutoff of 6 Hour Solo
6 Hour Solo Awards
Lights Required to Start Lap
Saturday Dinner Served
FINISH of 12 Hour Divisions

Sunday, Sept 11
12:00 NOON

12 Hour Awards
Quiet Hours, until 7AM
Post-Race Dinner Begins
FINISH Cutoff of 24 Hours

RACE RULES: All riders must check in Friday evening from 6-8PM or Saturday morning from 9-11AM and attend the rider meeting at 11:30PM. A LeMans style (running) start may be used to spread the field. All divisions will start together. Standings will be measured by number of laps completed. Riders on the same lap will be ranked by the lowest clock time at the lap / finish point. Scoring ends at the cutoff time - any lap completed after cutoff does not count! Mechanical support may be provided only in the pit area. During the lap, each rider must be entirely self sufficient. Once in the pit (not during a lap), a rider may change bikes or any equipment. Food and drink may be provided to riders only in the designated feed zone near the lap line. At least one headlight and a spare light source are required on the course after 6:30PM.

SOLO: A designated solo-only pit area will be marked off and bike racks are provided. One tent or one vehicle may be placed adjacent to the solo pit area. Each rider is limited to 10' frontage along the marked pit area. Riders exiting the course for any reason must use the pit area to exit the course and return to the course. Soloists may race 24, 12, or 6 hours.

TEAM: Team divisions are: 2 riders, 3-4 riders, and 5-6 riders (5-6 rider teams in 24-hour race only). Relay-style exchanges will be allowed only after each full lap, at the pit area. Teams may use any strategy of rider rotation desired. Each rider must complete at least one lap.

AWARDS: 24 Hours of DINO is mostly about the challenge, the fun, and the fellowship, but we do have awards... Top men and women soloists receive a plaque. Top teams in each division receive medals. There will be some random prizes from DINO sponsors. 

SUN, MOON, AND WEATHER STATS: (Eastern Daylight Savings Time) Sunset 7:56PM, Sunrise 7:19 AM. New  moon. Average High 75F, Avg. Low 50F, Average monthly precipitation 2.9".

24 MINUTES OF DINO" KIDS RACE: At 12:15, kids can join a free relay on an easy trail about ½ mile long. All riders must be on a relay team of 2-4 riders. For kids without teammates, we will help combine riders into teams at the start. There is no age limit but suggested age is 5-12 years old.

SPECTATORS: Welcome, but must pay applicable State Park entry fees. Spectator meals for Saturday night or Sunday lunch may be purchased in advance for $10. Camping is $5 per person per night for spectators. Please add spectator meals and camping to your entry fees, or contact DINO.

COURSE: 24 Hours of DINO Course is an epic 13 mile loop, having some of Indiana's finest singletrack. This trail has nice vistas, long yet gradual climbs, and sweet flowing downhills. The course uses nearly all of the trail system, in the clockwise direction for 2011. The route begins gently, with a relatively flat first two miles on Turtle and Creekside, then climbs up Grandview to the aid station near mid-way. Using a bit of Center Loop, the route continues on to Cliffide, one of the most amazing trails around. Finally, Shadow Run's meandering upper portion leads to a mile-long downhill finish at the trail head.. (Course Map. (Course Map ~ Site Map)

ACCOMMODATIONS: Primitive camping is available at race staging area (near swimming pool).

RV / trailer camping is permitted at the race site! RV's and trailers must be on the paved parking lot and there are NO hookups. RV or tent camping at the race site is INCLUDED in your race fees! For camping with water & electricity, use the park's campground, about one mile away from the race site (NOT included in race fees). Camp fires must not be on the grass (use an elevated fire pit or leave-no-trace style temporary sod removal).

Campground reservations: www.camp.in.gov 1-866-6campIN

Hotels / Motels:

Moon-Lite Motel 520 S Adams St, Versailles - (812) 689-6004 421 Poolside
Mo tel 820 S Adams St, Versailles - (812) 689-3946 

Larger motels available in Batesville, IN and Lawrenceburg, IN



Note: in 2016, 24 Hours of DINO is NOT USA Cycling Sanctioned. For non-USAC members, this will save $10 over prior years.

24 Hr 
12 Hr 
6 Hr Solo


Two catered meals (Saturday late night, Sunday brunch), camping (no utilities - tent or RV at race site), long sleeve t-shirt with glow-in-the-dark design, hot showers, restrooms, aid station energy food & Gatorade, awards & prizes, $5 discount for Gold Star Chili, chip timing, and administrative expenses.


DINO 24, 12, 6 Hour Bike Relay Results
2016, Sept 10 Versailles, IN Versailles State Park 24 ~ 12 ~ 6 ~ Splits
2015, Sept 12 Versailles, IN Versailles State Park 24 ~ 12 ~ 6 ~ Splits
2014, Sept 6 Versailles, IN Versailles State Park 24 ~ 12 ~ 6 ~ Splits
2013, Sept 7 Versailles, IN Versailles State Park 24 ~ 12 ~ 6 ~ Splits
2012, Sept 8 Versailles, IN Versailles State Park 24 ~ 12 ~ 6 ~ Splits
2011, Sept 10 Versailles, IN Versailles State Park 24 ~ 12 ~ 6 ~ Splits
2010, Sept 10 Versailles, IN Versailles State Park 24 ~ 12 ~ 6 ~ Splits
2009, Sept 19 Versailles, IN Versailles State Park 24 ~ 12 ~ 6 ~ Splits
2008, Sept 27 Warsaw, IN Winona Lake Trail 24 ~ 12 ~ 6 ~ Splits
2007, Oct 6 Warsaw, IN Winona Lake Trail 24 ~ 12 ~ 6 ~ Splits
2006, Sept 30 Warsaw, IN Winona Lake Trail 24 ~ 12 ~ 6 ~ Splits
2005, Oct 1 Warsaw, IN Winona Lake Trail 12 ~ Splits ~ Roster
2004, Sept 25 Warsaw, IN Winona Lake Trail 12 ~ Splits ~ Roster
2003, June 7 Nashville, IN Valley Branch Retreat 12 ~ Splits ~ Roster
2002, Aug 17 Nashville, IN Valley Branch Retreat 12 ~ Splits ~ Roster