Try Adventure Racing for FREE

Are you curious about Adventure Racing, but concerned you might struggle? We're offering a FREE entry to one team in our MISSION Lite and CIA Lite races. To win, submit your entry to DINO Director Brian Holzhausen (Brian17@DINOseries.com) explaining why you think your team will be "Least Likely to Succeed". What will be looking for in a winning submission? human interest, motivating others, or just plain comedy; plus how you plan to share your experience on social media or other public arenas. The chosen team will race for free using team name "Least Likely To Succeed".

There will be one winning team chosen for each of DINO's two 4-hour Beginner AR's (MISSION Lite and CIA Lite). Entry must be received at least two weeks prior to the event. The winner will be selected two weeks prior to the event date.


Race Photos - Crowd Sourcing through FlashFrame

DINO will use a crowd-source friendly race photo hosting site for 2017.

This is an exciting new opportunity that should allow multiple points of view to be captured and shared in one location. Racers can view all photos, and purchase quality digital download images for just $2 each.

The basics of FlashFrame and DINO event photos:

-Anyone can upload photos to the event’s page on FlashFrame (spectators, athletes, race staff, or pro photographers)

-FlashFrame uses image recognition technology to assign bib numbers on photos. Large test on clothing and shirt colors may also be recognized to narrow down your search. Photographers may also tag photos to ensure they are easily found by participants.

-DINO will share links for each race’s photo page, or racers can go to flashframe.io to search for photos.

-Racers can enter his/her bib number to search, or browse all photos of the event.

-Race photos will be available for just $2 digital download (or printed and mailed to you for about $7)

-Photographer gets more than half the $2 price tag

-The better photos (and more photos) a photographer uploads, the more he or she will sell!

To register yourself so that you can upload photos, click here: https://flashframe.io/photo-with-flashframe/. To receive payment for your photos, you’ll need to enter a bit of financial information.



DINO has created a second adventure race to compliment the popular and long-running MISSION AR. The new race is called "Central Indiana Adventure", and will be held September 17, 2016. The location is Fort Harrison State Park in Indianapolis.

This is a 12-hour race, a regional qualifier for the USARA Adventure Race National Championship. There is also a 4-hour "CIA Lite" race oriented toward beginner adventure racers.

For more information, visit http://www.dinoseries.com/central-indiana-adventure/


2016 Endura DINO Mountain Bike Series - easier and less expensive for occasional racers!

For 2016, DINO has discontinued sanctioning races with USA Cycling. This means that it will be simpler and less expensive to race, especially if you only race on occasion.

Below are some of the impacts of this change:

-Riders who do not get annual licenses will spend $5 less per race.
-Riders who discontinue buying annual USAC licenses will save at least $35/year, even if racing all six series events.
-Riders will not need to show any racing license to check in.
-DINO will increase profit; thus helping keep the series sustainable, making donations to our local trail groups more feasible, and allowing investments in quality.
-Category names will change but the structure and basic rules remain the same. Cat3 becomes "Base". Cat2 becomes "Sport". Cat1 will be called "Expert". Junior, Clydesdale, and Intro divisions will keep the same names.

Full information about the series is available at http://www.dinoseries.com/indiana-mountain-bike-series/


Gravel Grovel and Death March rides to be managed by DINO

Sub-9 Promotions has entrusted DINO LLC to produce the Gravel Grovel and Death March cycling events. Both events are popular, and growing, endurance rides held in and around the Hoosier National Forest. DINO believes these events will be an excellent early and late season addition to the DINO Mountain Bike Series and other DINO events.

"I have enjoyed participating in both the Death March and Gravel Grovel events through the years. We are honored that Tania and Jonathan have entrusted us with the future of these two excellent events.

Every event becomes, in many ways, an expression of its creator. We intend to preserve the character of both events without making any significant changes any time soon"

-Brian Holzhausen

Information about these events can be found at http://www.dinoseries.com/mountain-bike/