Gravel Grovel and Death March rides to be managed by DINO
Thursday, August 6, 2015 at 12:28PM

Sub-9 Promotions has entrusted DINO LLC to produce the Gravel Grovel and Death March cycling events. Both events are popular, and growing, endurance rides held in and around the Hoosier National Forest. DINO believes these events will be an excellent early and late season addition to the DINO Mountain Bike Series and other DINO events.

"I have enjoyed participating in both the Death March and Gravel Grovel events through the years. We are honored that Tania and Jonathan have entrusted us with the future of these two excellent events.

Every event becomes, in many ways, an expression of its creator. We intend to preserve the character of both events without making any significant changes any time soon"

-Brian Holzhausen

Information about these events can be found at

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