2016 Endura DINO Mountain Bike Series - easier and less expensive for occasional racers!
Tuesday, May 17, 2016 at 08:49PM

For 2016, DINO has discontinued sanctioning races with USA Cycling. This means that it will be simpler and less expensive to race, especially if you only race on occasion.

Below are some of the impacts of this change:

-Riders who do not get annual licenses will spend $5 less per race.
-Riders who discontinue buying annual USAC licenses will save at least $35/year, even if racing all six series events.
-Riders will not need to show any racing license to check in.
-DINO will increase profit; thus helping keep the series sustainable, making donations to our local trail groups more feasible, and allowing investments in quality.
-Category names will change but the structure and basic rules remain the same. Cat3 becomes "Base". Cat2 becomes "Sport". Cat1 will be called "Expert". Junior, Clydesdale, and Intro divisions will keep the same names.

Full information about the series is available at http://www.dinoseries.com/indiana-mountain-bike-series/

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