The Deach March route is up to you! 

We post a list / map of cemeteries for you to visit, each of which has a time bonus. There are five mandatory cemeteries, which do not give a time bonus. You must reach all five to be an official finisher. Two of these will be drawn at random at the start line, and three are published by March 1. The list of checkpoints is subject to changes up through March 1.

NO MAPS will be given to you at the start. The best known map of the area is the National Geographic Trails Illustrated "Hoosier National Forest" map, available at Midwest Trail Ride and other outdoor retailers / outfitters in the area. You may also use electronic devices to navigate, but user beware of errors and omissions.

Most signs are located along the road and not inside cemetery grounds.  If a sign is known to be missing, we will place a temporary sign at the cemetery. Please be respectful of cemetery signs, property and headstones.

Like our FACEBOOK PAGE and you may find helpful updates from us and from other riders.

Online Registration has closed. In-person registration will be available Saturday morning at the race site.

Below is the list of check-points for the Death March 2018. 2019 checkpoints will be posted and considered final on March 1, 2019.

Death March Google Map

2018 Death March Checkpoints




2018 Check Points:

Bartlettsville Cemetery25 minute bonus

Callahan Cemetery - 50 minute bonus


Cornett Cemetery - 15 minute bonus

Elkinsville Cemetery - 85 minute bonus 

Fleetwood Cemetery - 15 minute bonus

Gil Gal Cemetery - 25 minute bonus

Gorbits Cemetery - 45 minute bonus

Hanner Cemetery
 - 15 minute bonus

Hickory Grove Cemetery - Mandatory 2018

A SAG station (food / liquids) will be located at Hickory Grove Cemetery.

Hickory Ridge Fire Tower - Mandatory 2018

*Both team members must have their picture taken at the TOP of the tower in order to earn full credit. For those unable / unwilling to climb, take your photo at the bottom and you will be assessed a 10 minute penalty.

A SAG / Medical station will be located at the Fire Tower.


Houston Cemetery - 15 minute bonus

Lutes Cemetery - 15 minutes

Mitchell Cemetery - 10 minute bonus


Phillips Cemetery - 30 minute bonus

Robertson (Robinson) Cemetery - 15 minute bonus


Thompson Cemetery - mandatory 2018


Todd Cemetery - 15 minute bonus


*Time bonuses will not be awarded to mandatory check-points, including those drawn the morning of the event.