The Death March is a self-supported bicycle race consisting of teams of two using a combination of gravel forest roads, unmaintained country roads, mountain bike trails and some pavement in and around the Hoosier National Forest. Teams will be given a list of check-points with basic directions to each location.  Detailed maps are not provided.  Team members must visit check-points together and must finish together.  



Each team is responsible for the following:

Required gear:

 ~ Helmet (per rider) ~ must be worn at all times while on bicycle.  Riding without helmet will result in disqualification.

 ~ Digital camera (per team) ~ NOTE: Remember to charge the battery!

 ~ Timepiece (per team) ~ watch or cell phone

 ~ Bike (mountain bike, single speed, cyclocross, tandem, etc.) The entire ride must be completed on the same bike and wheels.

 ~ Hoosier National Forest Pass (included with registration)

 Optional gear:

 ~ Hoosier National Forest National Geographic Map (highly recommended)

  ~ Whistle or cell phone (in case of emergency)

 ~ Compass or GPS - GPS is allowed, but know that at least one team ended up swimming with their bikes in Salt Creek and many others have become lost attempting to use a GPS.


Check-point Rules:

 ~ A digital picture must be taken at each check-point.  Pictures should be taken in front of cemetery sign with bike and number plate showing  as proof of reaching the check-point.  Many check-points have a sign near the road that can be used for picture.

 ~ Both team members must show proof of reaching the check-point.  Team members can have their pictures taken together or separately.

~ Your finish time is recorded at the marked finish line arch. You must then go indoors and have your photos checked within 60 minutes of your finish. If you do not photo-check within 60 minutes, your team is ineligible for awards and ranking.

 ~ BE RESPECTFUL!  All riders must be respectful of cemetery property, signs, headstones, etc.  Any team/member found being disrespectful in any way will be disqualified. This is at the event organizers discretion and all decisions are final.  


 ~ Teams must use only legal mountain bike trails (Nebo Ridge/Hickory Ridge/Combs Rd) and open public roads. Trails #80 and 90 connected to the east of MTR are legal to ride. NO PRIVATE PROPERTY SHOULD BE USED. 


Road Rules:

 ~ Teams should ride single file and on the right when traffic is present.

 ~ Use hand signals to communicate with traffic.


Mountain Bike Trail Rules:

 ~ Use of trails in Hoosier National Forest is acceptable and may be required if Callahan is chosen as a mandatory check-point.  Trails open to mountain bikers may be used as strategy to connect check-points.

~ Team members are required to carry a Hoosier National Forest pass.  Passes are included in event registration fee.

 ~ Follow IMBA Rules of the Trail.  Yield to all non-racers, horses and hikers.

~Please be courteous when approaching  horses on the trail.   If the horse seems frightened by your bike, speak to the person on the horse.  Simply make conversational small talk, so the horse realizes you are a human being.


Parent/Youth Division Additional Rules:

Team must consist of a youth age 16 or under, along with parent or legal guardian. There are NO MANDATORIES and NO TIME BONUSES in the Parent/Youth Division. Teams will be ranked by the number of checkpoints reached, then by the fastest time. However, there will be a maximum of ten checkpoints. (You may ride to more than ten, but they will not enhance your ranking).