DINO Distance (D2) Series


This is the general information page for the new 2016 DINO Distance Series.

Results from each race.

Points for the Series.

Trail Run Calendar.

REGISTRATION: there is no registration for the series, due to the diverse pricing and non-profit partnerships of each of the three events. Register separately for each event:

DINO Versailles Half-Marathon September 10

Tecumseh Trail Marathon October 29

Jackson County 50-50 Ultra-marathon December 3



Recognizing that many runners focus on longer distances in the fall, DINO compacted the long-running DINO 5k and 15k Series to six races in March through August. Then by combining three fantastic and established races, we've created a second series, the DINO Distance Series (D2). 


Age 19&under; 20-29; 30-39; 40-49; 50-59; 60-69; 70-79; 80+




AWARDS: Awards vary by event. Generally, top three male and female overall, and top three in each age group, will receive medals or plaques.


RACE DAY RULES: Trail running is pretty straightforward – go where the trail goes! But we do have a few basic rules to keep things safe and fair.

  • Race number must be on your front, and visible at all times. 
  • Follow the marked trail – no short cutting
  • Communicate and be courteous when passing or being passed.
  • If you drop out of the race, please let us know at the finish line.


SERIES POINT SYSTEM: Points are awarded at each race based on overall finish position within your chosen distance and gender. Each runner's highest two point scores will be added for the series total. Runners must enter at least two of the three races to recieve an award. (Current Point Standings)

From each distance, overall series awards will be presented, based on these point standings. Ten DINO Champion singlets (made by Bikejerseys.com) will be presented to the top overall finishers - top six men and top four women.  A medal or similar award will be presented to the top finisher in each age group beyond the singlet winners.

POINTS: Points are awarded as follows, per event, per distance, by gender: 
1st place: 200 points 
2nd place: 199 points 
and so on.

There is a distance bonus for the longer divisions. Half-marathon - no bonus. Marathon - 1 point. 50k - 2 points, 50 miles - 3 points.

Thus, the maximum points possible would be a 1st overall placing (either male or female) in both the marathon and the 50-miler... 201+203 points = 404.


DINO TRAIL RUN SHIRTS, SOCKS, AND SINGLETS: The following items are options of your registration: DeFeet Air-e-ator socks just $5, Woolie Boolie socks $10, and DINO Singlets from bikejerseys.com at $25. All of these are limited quantity, and one design for the entire series.