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DINO will use a crowd-source friendly race photo hosting site beginning in 2017.

This is an exciting new opportunity that should allow multiple points of view to be captured and shared in one location. Racers can view all photos, and purchase quality digital download images for just $2 each.

The basics of FlashFrame and DINO event photos:

-Anyone can upload photos to the event’s page on FlashFrame (spectators, athletes, race staff, or pro photographers)

-FlashFrame uses image recognition technology to assign bib numbers on photos. Large test on clothing and shirt colors may also be recognized to narrow down your search. Photographers may also tag photos to ensure they are easily found by participants.

-DINO will share links for each race’s photo page, or racers can go to flashframe.io to search for photos.

-Racers can enter his/her bib number to search, or browse all photos of the event.

-Race photos will be available for just $2 digital download (or printed and mailed to you for about $7)

-Photographer gets more than half the $2 price tag

-The better photos (and more photos) a photographer uploads, the more he or she will sell!

To register yourself so that you can upload photos, click here: https://flashframe.io/photo-with-flashframe/. To receive payment for your photos, you’ll need to enter a bit of financial information.

Last updated on February 9, 2017 by holzhaus