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Indiana DNR will begin to require either an annual trail pass ($20) or a one-day permit ($5) for mountain bike riding at state properties. This includes trails labeled above "beginner" level. Two 2016 DINO courses, Brown County and Versailles, will be affected. Potato Creek, although a DNR property, is labeled as "beginner" and thus is exempt from the requirement.

DINO suggests that any rider who plans to ride in an Indiana state park or state forest, four or more times in 2016, purchase an annual pass. This would cover any race days and any training / practice rides.

DINO and HMBA are currently negotiating with DNR to receive exception to the permit requirement on race days. However, assuming we will not get this exception, riders should prepare to obtain their own permit or pass. DINO does not plan to check each riders pass or permit; the rider will take the responsibility.

Last updated on May 16, 2016 by holzhaus