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At first glimpse, it might seem arbitrary that some DINO events are held regardless of mud or wet trail conditions, while others are postponed due to some mud on the trail. There are many factors involved.
A few courses have a gravel or sandy base on the trails, which allows us to run or bike on it without significant trail damage. This includes courses such as Eagle Creek, Mounds, and Winona Lake.
Some parks and properties are very protective of their trail systems and are more likely to resist racing in questionable conditions. Other properties are less concerned, due to various factors.
A few of our race locations can literally go under water when nearby creeks or rivers flood. Town Run and Avon have a tendency to do this on occasion.
Some trail runners and mountain bikers enjoy the challenge and the memories of racing in sloppy conditions. While we do understand that thrill; in general we try to be responsible stewards of the wonderful trails we have in Indiana. We greatly prefer to hold our events on the date and location originally scheduled but sometimes the only responsible choice is to alter the event.
If the race day conditions / forecast look questionable, check the DINO hotline phone number (317-336-7553) prior to departing for the race. We will update our Twitter account - @DINOseries - and our Facebook pages as the early lines of communication. Next we'll update DINOseries.com website and put notices on related sites such as HMBA.org and Indianatrailrunning.org.
As a trail user, whether on foot or on wheels, you need to consider the impact of your training and recreational use on trails as well. If you are leaving tire ruts or footprints deeper than ½ inch or so, you should think about getting off the trail.

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