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We have learned that the weather forecast is not always right! Therefore we prepare for each event even if the forecast is bad. We will make any change to the race if and only if it is obvious the conditions will cause damage to the trail or danger to participants.

Sometimes this is 24+ hours prior to the race, if the ground is already saturated. Sometimes it could be last-minute, if a surprise rainfall hits just before the start line. We attempt to give advance notice if at all possible.

We understand participants have travel time commitments, but cancelling/postponing an event too early causes a number of other issues with the hosting site, race staff, and participant schedules. If conditions are questionable, check our hotline (317-336-7553), Twitter, or Facebook pages before leaving home (and possibly occasionally on your way to the event). Please do not e-mail or message us; you will not receive information any sooner that way.

Last updated on May 31, 2017 by holzhaus