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DINO continues "PayDirt" - an incentive program in which runners gain Bonus series points by helping build, repair, or advocate hiking and mountain bike trails.

Work must be performed on a publicly available trail (or attendance at an appropriate DNR, park board, or similar meeting). The land manager, property owner, or trail maintenance supervisor must sign the participant's time log. All work must be approved with this person PRIOR to beginning work.

The program begins November 1 of the prior year and ends August 1 of the current season.

Point System:

  • 2 DINO Series Points per hour of PayDirt approved work

  • Limit of 10 points Total  toward the DINO Trail Run Series

  • Additional Trail Run Bonus Points may be earned with finishes at a DINO "Bonus Trail Run"

The best way to make a difference and to learn about trail work is to join an organized group, such as:

Print PayDirt Points Submission Form to send in your hours! 

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