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Mission 18

Adventure Race

May 6th, 2023


Race Date: Saturday May 6th, 2023
Location: Versailles State Park

Start/Finish: Versailles State Park
Price: Includes two meals per entry!

Entry closes TBA, or when sold out at 50 teams per division (18hr and 4 hr).  VSP Has a $5.00 ORC Fee if you DO NOT have an annual permit. 

Fees include: Friday night meal, race map(s), event T-shirt, post-race meal, event insurance, professional event management, awards, and a great experience!

  USARA members may deduct $8 from the entry fee in the 18-hour divisions. USARA does not charge the one-day license fee to beginner races, including MISSION Lite!


  • $140 per person (3-person teams)

  • $150 per person (2-person teams)

    • ​Includes two meals per entry!


  • $160 per person

The MISSION is Indiana's longest-running annual adventure race, one of the region's most competitive and challenging. DINO has produced the popular MISSION Adventure Race, typically in southeastern Indiana, since 2003. 

The MISSION Lite offers beginner adventure racers a chance to see what it's all about. A shorter, 4-hour cutoff; less complex navigation; and reduced gear list allow an introductory taste of AR.

Participants travel by foot, bicycle, and canoe in teams (or in the Solo division), using map and compass to find checkpoints. Each team must stay together the entire race. Along the way, they will encounter various natural and manmade challenges that test physical and mental ability and creativity.


The course is designed to keep most participants going all 18 hours, creating a dramatic finish line setting where family and friends can cheer for their team as they emerge from the darkness.

LIVE TRACKING LINK! That's correct! You can watch the event in real time from the comfort of your home while tracking your friends!


  • Navigation (entire event; includes plotting with UTM coordinates at 1:25,000)

  • Cycling (on and off-road) 

  • Trekking 

  • Paddling

  • Ropes / Climbing Events (18 hr event only) 

  • Special Challenges           



Friday, May 5

  • 6:00-8:00PM 

  • 7:00PM Check-In

  • 7:30PM Dinner/Pre-Race Meeting

Saturday, May 6

  • 5:00AM Transition Area Opens 

  • 5:45AM Final Instructions 

  • 6:00AM 18-hr Start 

  • 8:00AM Lite Start 

  • 2PM Lite Finish Cutoff 

  • midnight 18-hr Finish Cutoff 

  • 12:15AM Awards Ceremony





  • Teams may be three or two persons. The six team divisions are: 2 & 3 person Co-ed, 2 & 3 Female, and 2 & 3 Male. All teammates must remain within 100 feet of each other at all times. The field limit is 50 teams per race length.


  • Participants applying for the 18 hour solo division must provide a resume of experience. An adventure race of this distance and difficulty is much safer with team support.

  • To apply for the Solo Division, send a race resume along with entry form and payment. Race resumes should include recent solo or team adventure races, orienteering meets, etc. Include official results as proof. The key issue is safety; that you are a competent navigator and make good decisions with regard to safety. Solo participants are asked to carry a cell phone with them at all times.

USARA members may deduct $8 from the entry fee in the 18-hour divisions. USARA does not charge the one-day license fee to beginner races, including MISSION Lite!



Bunk Cabins are FREE and on site at the park's group campCampsites in the park are about a mile away. No reservations required.

Nearest motels / hotels: Batesville, Madison, or Lawrenceburg, Indiana.



Entry in the event covers a pre-race dinner on Friday night (7:00PM). Post-race recovery meal will be served at the end of each race. During the event, each team or soloist is to be self-sufficient.

This race is designed to keep all participants on the course for close to 18 hours. (Most participants will not finish the entire course).

Scoring is based on the total number of checkpoints punched minus any penalty points. If two teams have the same score, the tiebreaker is the first finish time.

  • Checkpoint instructions and coordinates will be provided in segments throughout the race.

  • Checkpoints in each segment may be punched in any order. Before moving to the next segment, all prior checkpoints must be punched or the "Missed / Skipped Checkpoint" rule will be enforced (lose that point plus one penalty point).

  • The midnight finish is a cutoff time; participants reaching the finish line after midnight will be penalized one checkpoint plus one checkpoint per minute late. Why? We want the finish to be exciting and dramatic! Your friends and family will know almost exactly when to expect you finishing, and other teams will be there cheering you on.

  • Maps and checkpoint coordinates will be provided (one per team or soloist) at start time (6:00AM).

  • If you are sure you're in the right spot, and searched a 30 meter radius without finding the CP, move on. If we find later that the CP is missing or more than 30 meters from its proper location, you will receive credit.​


  • All team members must always stay within 100 feet of each other.

    • DQ​

  • Cyclists must follow all local road laws.

    • DQ​

  • Disregarding race official's instructions.

    • DQ​

  • Each additional minute past finish cutoff.


  • Late for finish cutoff.

    • ONE POINT​

  • Lost Passport.


  • Mis-punched passport.


  • Missed or skipped checkpoint or special challenge.


  • Missing item at random gear checks.


  • No littering of any kind.

    • DQ

  • No trespassing on private property.

    • DQ​

  • Use of motorized aid. (n/a if checkpoint is on property).

    • DQ​

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct.

    • DQ​

  • Use of banned GPS features.

    • DQ​

  • Use of map other than provided by event or park maps free and publicly available.




  • Backpack

  • Chem Light (glow stick) with zip tie to attach to canoe when dark.

  • Emergency Space Blanket

  • Food and Water

  • Hydration Bladder or Bottles (minimum 70 oz capacity)

  • Headlamp or Flashlight (w/extra batteries)

  • Whistle



  • Compass

  • Duct Tape (minimum 5')

  • First Aid/ Safety Kit: Bandages, antibiotic ointment, electrolyte tablets

  • Knife (minimum 3" blade)

  • Lighter or Waterproof Matches

  • Pencil, Marker, and Crayon

  • Plotting Tool for UTM Coordinates on 1:25,000 (Example)

  • Waterproof Map Case

  • Water purifier (Iodine Tablets or Filter)



  • Bicycle (mountain bike or cyclo-cross bike recommended)

  • Helmet

  • Front Light mounted on bike (w/ extra batteries)

  • Rear Red Flashing Light (w/ extra batteries)

  • Inner Tube



  • Tire Repair Kit: patches, tire levers, and pump

  • Tools: 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm Hex Wrenches; Pedal Wrench (hex wrench OK if it can remove your pedal); Small Philips & Straight Screwdrivers



You will not be told when or where ropes events are - therefore you should be prepared to carry ropes gear at all times:

  • Descending device (ATC, Verso, Reverso)

  • Carabiners (3) - one must be locking

  • Climbing Harness

  • Cordelette: 8' of 5-8mm cordelette (static rope, tied into a loop for prussic knot safety purposes)

  • Gloves (full finger, leather work gloves recommended)

  • Helmet (bike helmet OK)

  • Two (2) Sewn Runners 2-3' length, OR daisy chain(s), OR 1" webbing tied into loop(s) (8' of webbing)

  • You may skip the ropes event, but it may cause your team a one point penalty according to the Scoring System listed above.

We suggest one set of gear per person. You may share team gear, but it will likely slow your team’s progress through the ropes event. Our crew should have some loaner gear available, but you may need to wait for it at the ropes station.


  • Paddles (canoe or kayak paddles OK) – we will have plenty of canoe paddles (one blade) if you do not have your own.

  • PFD (lifejacket) – we will have plenty of PFD’s if you do not have your own.

Boat will be provided


  • GPS features NOT ALLOWED: any GPS capable device that can display a map, coordinates, speed, or distance. This includes smartphones with GPS ability.

  • GPS features ALLOWED: GPS trackers that measure distance, speed, altitude, tracking for later review.

  • Phones may be used for emergency calls or photo taking ONLY. Smartphones must be turned OFF except for emergency use. No use of navigation, social media, internet, calls for advice, etc. during the race.

  • Altimeters are allowed.

  • Bicycle computer / speedometers are allowed.


  • Long pants and/or gaiters (briar protection)

  • Extra socks

  • Additional first aid items

  • Cell phone

  • Insect Repellent

  • Sun Screen

  • Trash bag

  • Waterproof bags (dry bags, plastic zip sandwich bags, etc)

  • Bike lock (theft risk is low, but you may decide to drop your bike in unattended locations)

  • Protractor

  • Tether cord for canoe/kayak (10-20' lightweight cord, to tie off your boat and save you having to drag it on shore)

Additional Information

  • United States Adventure Racing Association

  • Adventure Race Reports - Race Reviews & Stories

  • Credits and refunds

  • Transfers

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