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June 2nd, 2024


Race Date: Sunday June 2nd, 2024
Course Length: See Chart/Divisions

Online Close: May 30th 9:00am. You can still register in person
Course Difficulty: Hills 4 / Surface: 3 (1=easy, 5=difficult)

Brown County State Park is Indiana's top mountain bike destination! The trails are very scenic, with plenty of challenge. 2024 course details to come.

Within this, Indiana's most popular state park, there are amenities such as swimming pool, campground, nature center, lodge / restaurant, cabins, horse riding, hiking, and much more. The prior day, June 1st, DINO hosts the DINO Trail Run Series 15k and 5k footrace on the same trail system.

Camping: Onsite at the park's large campground. Reservations are recommended - or 1-866-6campIN. Cabins and Abe Martin Lodge also available: or 1-877-lodges1.

Gate fee of $7 per vehicle ($9 out-of-state) will be required as you enter, or you can purchase an annual entrance pass and enjoy any State Park all year long.



  • A $5 refundable plate deposit is required at check in. Plate may be used ALL season or returned after racing.

  • Intro or Junior 

    • "If this is your first Intro race email us or see staff for free entry"

      • $20 online; $30 day of; $100 for season pass.

  • Base, Clydesdale, or Fatbike

    • $30 online; $40 day of; $150 for season pass.

  • Sport

    • $35 online; $45 day of; $175 for season pass.

  • Expert

    • $40 online; $50 day of; $200 for season pass.

  • T-shirt: $15 option; FREE with season pass.

  • Season Pass ($10+ after May 1st) includes 6 Series races, DINO Spring Tune-up, and a series t-shirt.


RACE AWARDS held at 1:45p.m.

Registration opens at 8 am and is available through your start time.

  • Refer to Chart for start times

  • DINO Kids Ride (1:30PM) - age 12 & under; very short and easy; free; everyone gets a small prize.




Odd years – Aynes loop

Even years – Green Valley loop


MAP: "Odd years":

MAP: "Even Years":

Race Day Rules

  • Bicycle

    • Type: Mountain bikes, cyclo-cross bikes, (or anything in-between) are allowed. Any configuration of drivetrain and suspension is allowed. Motorized assistance is not allowed on the bicycle. 

  • Brakes: The bicycle must have two working hand-operated brakes.

  • Helmet: Rider must wear a properly fastened helmet, certified by ASTM, Snell, or CPSC for bicycle use.

  • Shoes / Pedals: Closed shoes must be worn (no sandals). Platform pedals, clip-in pedals, and hybrids are all acceptable.

  • Gloves and Eye Protection: Gloves and eyewear are strongly suggested, but not required.

  • Clothing: No restrictions on clothing types. Any rider with clothing clearly offensive or indecent may be disqualified, and asked to leave, at discretion of race staff.

  • The rider must finish the race on the same bicycle (frame) as he or she started on. Changes of other parts (i.e. tires, wheels, etc.) are allowed, provided assistance rules in section 2.3 are followed.

  • Headphones / earbuds are not allowed. This is for the courtesy of riders asking to pass, and for your safety at road crossings, etc. Riders may be disqualified for using headphones during the race.

Please review guidebook if you have never raced with us HERE.


(1:45 pm)

  • Intro: Medals to overall top 3 

  • Base, Junior & Clydesdale: Awards to top 3 per age group  

  • Sport: Awards to top 3 SportOpen and top 3 per age group.

  • Expert:. Awards to top 3 per age group. Eligible for cash prizes. 

  • Elite: Awards to top 3 overall. Eligible for cash prizes, combined with Expert for payout.

  • Cash payout is 90% payback to top 1/4 of combined Expert/Elite fields, based on finish time. <Payout Chart>

  • Prizes from our sponsors are chosen by random drawing.

  • SERIES AWARDS: A rider's best 4 finishes out of the 6 DINO Series races will be used to calculate a series point total. Points are based on overall place within the category. 1st place receives 200 points, 2nd - 199, etc. A rider must race at least three races to be eligible for series awards. Any ties at the end of the series are broken by the best finish in the final race. Awards: Exclusive "DINO Champion Jersey".

Age Groups & Categories 

  • Kids Race: Kids age 12 and under may ride the free kids race, which is usually ¼ to ½ mile. “pushbikes” and training wheels are welcome, but the parent may need to follow along and help. Sign up at the registration table. There are small prizes given at the award ceremony.

  • Intro: First-time racers who are new to the sport can enter Intro. This is the shortest race, usually 5- 8 miles. There are no gender or age group divisions. The top three finishers in Intro are asked to register in Base at their next race. If you have never raced before, you can race Intro for free, just ask at the registration table.

  • Clydesdale: Riders over 200 lbs weight may enter Clydesdale. It is the same length as Base. There are no age groups or gender divisions.

  • Junior: The junior category is the shortest and easiest race with awards and series points. Male and Female age groups are 10&under, 11-14, and 15-18. More advanced riders of the Junior age may race in higher levels.

  • Adults may ride along behind 10&under Juniors for safety purposes.

  • Adults riding with Juniors must allow the kids to do the racing. Stay behind any groups racing, not in the middle. The purpose is not to be a coach/motivator but a safety patrol.

  • Base: Base is for casual local competitors. Men’s age groups are: 11-14, 15-18, 19-29, 30-39, 40-49, and 50+. Women’s age groups are: 19-39 and 40+. Similar to USA Cycling Cat3 MTB.

  • Sport: Sport is for intermediate regional competitors. Men’s age groups are: 11-18, 19-29, 30-39, 40-49, and 50-59, and 60+. Women’s age groups are: 11-18, 19-39 and 40+. Similar to USA Cycling Cat2 MTB.

  • Sport Open: The top racers in Sport may qualify to race in Sport Open to contend with the fastest riders from various age groups. Sport open is for men only. Riders in Sport Open are eligible for only Sport Open awards (three deep). No Sport Open rider may win an age group award. Riders in Sport age group waves may not win a Sport Open prize, even if their time defeats the Sport Open finish times.

  • Qualifying for Sport Open:

    • Finish top three overall Sport in any race (current or prior season)

    • Finish first in your age group in any race (current or prior season)

    • Special approval by DINO Director. A letter must be submitted, explaining your reason.

  • Expert: Expert is for advanced regional competitors. Men’s age groups are: 15-18, 19-29, 30-39, 40- 49, and 50+. Women compete in an all-ages group. Similar to USA Cycling Cat1 MTB.

  • Elite: The top racers in Expert may elect to start in the Elite wave for the highest available level of competition. Elite is for men only. Awards are three deep, and Elite riders are not eligible for Expert age group awards. Cash prizes are distributed to the combined Elite/Expert field, by posted finish time.

  • Qualifying for Elite:

    • Any rider with a USA Cycling Pro license must start in Elite Wave.

    • Finish top three overall Sport in any race (current or prior season)

    • Finish first in your age group in any race (current or prior season)

    • Special approval by DINO Director. A letter must be submitted to explain your reason.

For more details please refer to the mountain biker series guidebook found HERE.



 From Bloomington or Columbus , follow SR 46 toward Nashville. Brown County State Park 's North Entrance is on SR 46 on the east side of Nashville . It is clearly labeled with brown highway signs. The race start/finish/registration is near the swimming pool just inside the North entrance. (If you have an RV or anything taller than 9', you'll need to use the West entrance, on SR 46 west of Nashville).

Refunds and Transfers

  • No Refunds for ANY of series race/events. No Transfers within 2 weeks prior to the event date. 

  • We will, for any event, transfer your entry to another event of equal or lesser value, if requested prior to the above cutoffs. If transferring to another participant, there will be a $20 service charge.

  • If a series event is postponed due to weather or conditions, your entry will be automatically transferred to the rescheduled date. You may also apply the entry to a later event in the series; but you must notify us prior to close of registration for the re-scheduled or alternate event, whichever occurs first.

  • If a series event is canceled, your entry can be applied to another series event of equal or less value. You must notify DINO of your intent, prior to online registration close of the event you select.

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