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This is the general information page for all 2019 DINO Trail Running Series.

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The DINO Trail Run Series takes you to some of the most scenic and challenging trails in central Indiana . Most of these trails are hiking and/or mountain bike trails. On a typical course, you'll face a variety of challenges; such as hills, dirt, rocks, roots, and occasionally mud and stream crossings. It isn't the kind of course to set a record time; but it is guaranteed to be a memorable experience - shared with a few hundred of our closest friends! Choose your distance: 5k (3.1 miles) or 15k (9.3 miles). (Distances may vary by +/- 5% due to the nature of the terrain and layout restrictions.)

Sign up for your nearest venue, or save on the entire series with a season pass. Difficulty levels vary - see course descriptions and ratings.

In addition to the fun of the event itself, many runners find trail running to be much gentler on the body than pounding the pavement. The events are family friendly; you'll even find that loyal participants become like family!

Entry fees are only $20 (5k) or $25 (15k) online through Wednesday prior to the race, and $30/$35at the race site. With your entry, you will receive: Spectacular trails, great competition, prompt results, quality awards, race commentary, post-race friut and snacks, chances to win random prizes and free goodies from our sponsors, bib number with instant results, water, sports drink, and more.

If you plan to race four or more races, your best value is the "Season Pass" covering all six races plus a free series t-shirt included. Season Pass is $100 for 5k and $120 for 15k.

Age 0-9; 10-12; 13-15; 16-19; 20-24; 25-29; 30-34; 35-39; 40-44; 45-49; 50-54; 55-59; 60-64; 65-69; 70-74; 74-79; 80+

Subject to minor changes. 
All races are in Eastern time zone.

  • 7:30AM ~ Registration Opens
  • 8:30AM ~ Registration Closes
  • 9:00AM ~ 15K Start
  • 9:10AM ~ 5K Starts
  • 10:30AM ~ DINO Kids Run (free)
  • 11:00AM ~ Award Ceremony

AWARDS: Overall top three; then fastest masters (40+), men and women, in each distance will receive medals. Runners beyond these top spots, who place top three in any age category, will also receive medals. Door prizes will be presented at random at the award ceremony. Random prizes are provided by DINO Sponsors.

RACE DAY RULES: Trail running is pretty straightforward – go where the trail goes! But we do have a few basic rules to keep things safe and fair.

  • Race number must be on your front, and visible at all times. 
  • Follow the marked trail – no short cutting
  • Communicate and be courteous when passing or being passed.
  • Headphones (ipods, mp3 players, etc) or dogs are NOT permitted.
  • If you drop out of the race, please let us know at the finish line.

SERIES POINT SYSTEM: Points are awarded at each race based on overall finish position within your chosen distance and gender. Each runner's top four point scores will be added for the series total. Runners who enter at least three DINO Trail Runs are eligible for series awards. (Current Point Standings)

From each distance, overall series awards will be presented, based on these point standings. Sixteen DINO Champion singlets (made by Bikejerseys.com) will be presented to the top overall finishers. Distribution will be proportional to the number of contenders in each distance / gender division. A medal or similar award will be presented to the top finisher in each age group beyond the singlet winners.

POINTS: Points are awarded as follows, per event, per distance, by gender: 
1st place: 200 points 
2nd place: 199 points 
and so on.


Up to 10 bonus points can be earned by each runner toward the series point total. There are two ways to earn up to ten bonus points for the series standings.

PayDirt: Each hour spent helping to build, maintain, or advocate hiking / mountain bike trails earns two bonus points. Trail work must be approved and confirmed by a local trail manager, park management, or an organization such as Hoosier Hikers Council, Indiana Trail Running, or Hoosier Mountain Bike Association. Use this form to submit PayDirt Bonus points. All bonus points must be received by DINO by August 1, 2019.

Bonus Races: Each DINO "BONUS" race can earn you up to 10 bonus points. All finishers in a bonus race will receive at least one bonus point. A finish in the top 10% of men or women earns 10 points. A finish in the 80% to 90% of men or women's rankings earns 9 points. The distribution continues so that the bottom 10% of men and women finishers each earn 1 bonus point. 

If you opt to race the XTERRA Triathlon that is simultaneous to the bonus runs, we will compare your run split to the finishers in the run-only race to determine your bonus points.

Points from several different PayDirt volunteer activities or Bonus Races can be added, to reach the cap of 10 bonus points. Example: three hours of volunteer work (6 points), and finishing in 35th place out of 100 men in a bonus race (4 points) = 10 points.


All photographers - amateurs, pros, and even participants - can upload photos and get paid for them! See here for details: http://www.dinoseries.com/faqs/fun-stuff/where-can-i-find-race-photos.html


At each series race there will be a short, free DINO Kids Run! The kids run will take place at 10:30 am and will be between 1/4 and 1/2 mile long depending on the venue. Ages 12 and under are welcome to participate - especially those who aren't able to complete the 5k course! Participants must sign in at registration prior to the DINO Kids Run.

DINO TRAIL RUN SHIRTS, SOCKS, HATS, AND SINGLETS: The following items are options of your registration: Series T-shirt (wicking material) - $10, DeFeet Air-e-ator socks just $5, Woolie Boolie socks $10, Headsweats caps $10, and DINO Singlets from bikejerseys.com at $25. All of these are limited quantity, and one design for the entire series.