Adventure Racing

DINO has become Indiana's leader in Adventure Racing, having planned and directed nearly twenty successful 12 to 18 hour AR events and three USARA National Championships. In addition, racing team has competed in dozens of AR's in the past 15 years and won multiple Regional Championship titles..

DINO is pleased to offer the following adventure races in 2019:

MISSION Adventure Race

and MISSION Lite Beginner Adventure Race

Saturday, May 11, 2019
Henryville, IN

Central Indiana Adventure

and CIA Lite Beginner Adventure Race

Saturday, September 7, 2019
Yellowwood State Forest, Nashville, IN



Adventure racing is an amazing challenge of the body, mind, spirit. Team dynamics and strategy also play key roles in success. During an adventure race, participants travel with teammates on foot, bicycle, and canoe. There may also be other activities, such as ropes events or team challenges. There are typically no marked courses - the team must choose its own route using a map and compass.

The goal is to reach "checkpoints", which may be stations manned by race staff or unmanned markers in the woods with a coded paper punch. Often there are multiple valid routes from checkpoint to checkpoint - for example: a long, flat, paved route; a short but steep bush-wack through thorns; or an in-between distance winding trail.

DINO's "LITE" Beginner Races offers first timers a chance to see what it's all about. A shorter, 4-hour cutoff; less complex navigation; and reduced gear list allow an introductory taste of AR.

Teams in the longer distance events must know how to read a topographical map (based on USGS quad map). "Lite" participants can usually get by with understanding a park map and general understanding of the topographical map.

Participants travel by foot, bicycle, and canoe in teams (or in the Solo division), using map and compass to find checkpoints. Each team must stay together the entire race. Along the way, they will encounter various natural and manmade challenges that test physical and mental ability and creativity.

Adventure racing is historically a team sport, but DINO adventure races offer a solo division.

Each course is designed to keep most participants going until the race cutoff time, creating a dramatic finish line setting where family and friends can cheer for their team at the end.      


Teams may be three or two persons. The six team divisions are: 2 & 3 person Co-ed, 2 & 3 Female, and 2 & 3 Male. All teammates must remain within 100 feet of each other at all times. The field limit is 50 teams per race length.


Both races can qualify your team for the USARA Adventure Race National Championship. The top three teams in the coed 3-person and single-gender 3-person divisions will be offered the qualifying slot, with roll-down if top teams decline or have already qualified. The top finishing 3-person co-ed team will receive $400 toward entry in the National Championships!