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DINO Triathlon Update 1-26-24

In this Update:  Register | 2024 Triathlon Details


Close your eyes and imagine triathlon weather as you click the link to register! Choose your motivator race: off-road triathlon, gravel triathlon, duathlon, or kayak triathlon!


XTERRA DINO Northern Indiana, June 22


DINO Gravel Triathlon, August 3

2024 Triathlon Details

Reminder: XTERRA is EARLIER on the calendar than usual. Don't miss it!

June 22, 2024: XTERRA DINO Northern Indiana

1/2 mile swim, 15 mile MTB, 7 km trail run

South Bend, Indiana


August 3, 2024: DINO Gravel Triathlon

500 meter swim, 12 mile gravel bike, 5 km trail run

Terre Haute, Indiana


Duathlon and Kayak Tri options are available at both events!


Where are these locations? Check out our LOCATOR MAP! While you're there, take a look at our other offerings: cycling, running, and multisport.

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