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JUNE 11TH, 2023


Race Date: Sunday June 11th, 2023

Location: Brown County State Park

Start Location: Washington Township, IN 47448
Course Length: info coming

Start Time: 12:00pm.
Course Difficulty: Hills 3 / Surface: 2 (1=easy, 5=difficult)

Ladies only! As the Sundance Women's MTB Retreat wraps up, the racing lights up with a race around the Limekiln Loop. Categories are: Expert Women, Sport Women, Base Women, Junior Girls, and Intro Women.

Be sure to check out the 17th Annual Sundance Women's Mountain Bike & Outdoor Retreat !



A $5 cash refundable number plate deposit will be required when you check in. This plate number can be used all season long or returned after each race.

  • Intro or Junior

    • $20 online; $30 day of; 

  • Base Women

    • $30 online; $40 day of;

  • Sport Women

    • $35 online; $45 day of;

  • Expert Women

    • $40 online; $50 day of.

Registration opens at 11 am

  • noon (Expert)

  • 12:02 (Sport

  • 12:04 (Junior)

  • 12:06 (Base)

  • 12:08 (Intro)


Race Day Rules

  • Bicycle

    • Type: Mountain bikes, cyclo-cross bikes, (or anything in-between) are allowed. Any configuration of drivetrain and suspension is allowed. Motorized assistance is not allowed on the bicycle. 

  • Brakes: The bicycle must have two working hand-operated brakes.

  • Helmet: Rider must wear a properly fastened helmet, certified by ASTM, Snell, or CPSC for bicycle use.

  • Shoes / Pedals: Closed shoes must be worn (no sandals). Platform pedals, clip-in pedals, and hybrids are all acceptable.

  • Gloves and Eye Protection: Gloves and eyewear are strongly suggested, but not required.

  • Clothing: No restrictions on clothing types. Any rider with clothing clearly offensive or indecent may be disqualified, and asked to leave, at discretion of race staff.

  • The rider must finish the race on the same bicycle (frame) as he or she started on. Changes of other parts (i.e. tires, wheels, etc.) are allowed, provided assistance rules in section 2.3 are followed.

  • Headphones / earbuds are not allowed. This is for the courtesy of riders asking to pass, and for your safety at road crossings, etc. Riders may be disqualified for using headphones during the race.



Washington Township, IN 47448

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