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DINO Trail Run Update 02-22-23

In this Update: Last Chance for Lowest Fees | 2023 DINO Trail Running Schedule | A New Way To Interact

Last Chance for Lowest Fees

If you like the best value for your money, right now is the time to register! The DINO Trail Run Series Season Pass covers all six series races for just $125 (5k) or $150 (15k). You'll also get the series t-shirt included for free! This price goes up by $10 on March 1. You'll get all six entries for the cost of about four of them separately, plus you won't need to register again this season - just show up race morning, grab your bib number, and run! The series kicks off in just over a week - Saturday, March 4 - at Anderson's Mounds State Park! All ages and abilities can run or walk the 5k or 15k distance.



2023 DINO Trail Running Schedule



A New Way to Interact

Join the conversation on our new Facebook Group: DINO Athlete Group! This open forum allows you more room to discuss and learn. Feel free to post your questions, triumphs, photos, and more! 'We'll also bounce ideas and plans around with you, our most engaged participants. This group has only been open five weeks and already has nearly 1000 members from across the spectrum of DINO activities!

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tom burke
tom burke
16 de nov. de 2023

Exciting trails, untamed landscapes, and a roaring adventure await on the DINO Trail Run Update of 02-22-23! It's a testament to adrenaline-fueled perseverance and the spirit of exploration. With every step, runners carved their path through rugged terrains, embracing the challenge amidst nature's breathtaking backdrop. Each participant etched their story into the trails, marking an unforgettable chapter in the thrilling saga of endurance and triumph.

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