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DINO Trail Run Update 03-28-23

In this Update: It's Eagle Creek Week | Mounds Race Altered by River Level | 2023 DINO Trail Running Schedule

It's Eagle Creek Week!

Just a few days until race day at Eagle Creek Park! This very popular Indy Park a beginner-friendly, solid, wide surface for most of the run. For the hard-core trail runner, there are just enough hills, rugged single-track mid-lap, and often a bit of mud toward the end of the loop. 15k runners tackle this loop three times around. The race site is Mount Pleasant Shelter area, just inside the 56th Street gate. Parking at the shelter area will fill early; for additional parking use one side only on the Parkway drive. Assuming the ground will be wet, keep two of your tires on the road as you park along it. Eagle Creek Park charges a gate fee of $6 per vehicle, or $5 if you live in Marion County. Race start times are 9:00 am (15k) and 9:10 am (5k). The free DINO kids run is at 10:30. Awards follow, at 11:00. Online registration remains open through Thursday morning. You may also register in person, 7:30 - 9 am Saturday.



Mounds Race Altered by River Level

Heavy rainfall Friday before the season opener at Mounds dictated an alternate course. The river's rising level covered several lower sections of the park's trail system. Race day though, was sunny and pleasant and the course, amazingly, was not muddy. The re-route turned out to be longer than the normal course, creating slower than usual winning times. At 20:40, David Riggleman chalked up another DINO 5k win, followed by Andrew Chabot and Jacob Reinking. Women's top three were Ashley Whitesell, Carolyn Wamsley, and Lauren Reinking, all around the 30-minute mark. Mark Satterly pulled away from the competition on lap one. Despite a hard fall, he held that lead to take the win at 1:05:21, ahead of Daniel Hartwig and Scott Saucedo. At 1:23:08, Kyla Daniels had a solid women's win. Sarah Callahan and Claire Tempel completed the top three overall 15k women's podium spots. Full Results are kept on the DINO website (dating back nearly 25 years!), along with hundreds of photos on our Facebook page.


2023 DINO Trail Running Schedule



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James David Johny
James David Johny
08 nov. 2023

I'm excited for the DINO Trail Run Update on 03-28-23! It's a fantastic opportunity to embrace the outdoors and challenge yourself on the trail. These updates keep us informed about the latest trail conditions, event details, and any exciting surprises in store. Can't wait to lace up and explore the beauty of the trail while staying updated on this thrilling adventure!

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