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DINO Triathlon Update 01-27-23

DINO Gravel Triathlon!


Be part of history by racing INDIANA'S FIRST GRAVEL TRIATHLON! DINO Gravel Triathlon is scheduled for Saturday, August 5! The location is near Terre Haute, Indiana - one hour west of the Indianapolis

airport. This will be a beginner-friendly triathlon with a 500m swim, 12-15 mile gently rolling gravel bike course, and a moderate 5k trail run. Kayak tri and duathlon options will be available in this event as well! The exact bike route and distance is pending approval, but will be between 12 and 15 miles. Registration has opened! Be among the first to “tri” gravel in Indiana!


XTERRA Continues in Northern Indiana


The only XTERRA Triathlon in the Midwest continues; over 20 years strong! Make sure XTERRA DINO Northern Indiana is on your calendar for Saturday, July 22! Triathlon: 1000m swim, 15-mile MTB, and 7 km trail run Duathlon: 2-mile trail run, 15-mile MTB, and 7 km trail run Kayak Tri: 2 km paddle, 15-mile MTB, and 7 km trail run For 2023 we have moved REGISTRATION back to our own in-house system, saving you the cost online processing fees! Sign up today for some winter motivation!


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